Bantry Hospice Project

Bantry Hospice Project

Since the opening of the Hospice units at Bantry General Hospital, Bantry Hospice has provided great support and comfort to many families throughout the West Cork area. The units were specifically designed as self-contained apartments within the hospital complex to include a kitchen area and sleeping area for the family and relatives of the patient. The units also allow for discreet access through the back of the hospital at any time of the day and night rather than having to adhere to hospital hours.

In addition the Bantry Hospice Project also support the palliative care team in west Cork with:

  • Home care equipment
  • Training
  • Home sitting services
  • Night nurse support

The Bantry Hospice Project also support the Palliative Social Workers in West Cork. The Bantry Hospice Project also look at individual cases. In one situation recently a young child under the age of 10 years of age was discharged from a hospital where her left lower limb was amputated in order to slow down the progression of her illness, it was highlighted by the team in the hospital that the patient would experience tremendous relief from aromatherapy.

Unfortunately the hospital were not in a position to fund this type of service and in this particular case the Bantry Hospice Project agreed to fund a number of sessions for the patient which provided her with some relief as she dealt with her illness in a brave and dignified manner. 

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While the Bantry Hospice is our elected Charity, you can of course raise funds for any Charity that you prefer.

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We have also included additional Main Charities to benefit directly from the 2019 Bay Run.

These are:

Arc House


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